We are proud to present Easy Cutter EC-1 CUTTER.

Cordless Electric (Battery) Scissors for Kevlar®, Carbon Fibre, Glass Fibre and Composites.

Fast, smooth, clean cuts with no muscle strain or pain!

Corresponds to Suprena model EC-235.

Cuts Kevlar & Zylon!

Ideal for engineered fabrics, Aramid Fibres, Kevlar® and other tough materials.

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Easy Cutter EC-1 Suprena EC-235 Cordless Shears

* Cuts plies to 1/8" thick. 

* Fully guaranteed.

* Includes rechargeable battery, charger, transformer, AC adapter and instructions. 

These lightweight shears an be operated with cord and battery adapter (supplied) for unlimited cutting time.

Replacement blades and accessories available from open stock.

Versatile - Effortlessly cuts Kevlar or silk!

Long lasting carbon tip blades.

Cut woven or knitted Kevlar ™, Zylon™,  Spectra™, Vectran™, Fiberglas™ and similar engineered materials. The choice for composites, laminates, impregnated and coated fabrics and just ordinary cloth!   

* Ergonomic design for comfort and manoeuvrability.

* Weighs just 8 ounces.         

* Operates on long-lasting rechargeable battery or AC. 

* Use indoors or out.  Excellent for marine work.

* Short rapid blade action permits intricate, precise cuts.

* Tungsten carbide blades provide extra long life.

* Extra blade assembly with base plate to protect work surface.

Click here to see the EC-1

Cutter in action.


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Intelligent Cutting Solutions

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By sending us samples  we will be able to supply the right machinery set up for your particular job.

We won't send any piece of equipment we don't believe right for a particular job.

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Red Arrow YH-935 50mm cutting knife

New Emery EC-360 cordless 60mm heavy duty hexagonal blade cutting knife for carpets as Bosch for only £295.

Red Arrow YH-935 50mm cutting knife

All Star AS-100K Taiwanese 50mm (2") hexagonal blade cutter 230v.

Only £189 for the very best quality!



CUTTER  Heavy Duty £198.50 plus v.a.t. in UK

Cordless electric round knife cutter can cut 1mm-10mm small size, light weight, quite, safe and reliable .Easy to operate ,the cutter only weight 0.5kg ,including removable grindstone ,easy to grind the knife without tools, NI-H

rechargeable battery .Battery or A/C power.

This model has low speed motor, usable for cutting hard and thick material ,such as carpet ,leather products, etc.

BLADE 42mm diam