We are proud to present the CUTEX  range of fully automatic continuous length hot and cold tape cutting  machines.

Delivering best quality and highest efficiency with CE Mark.

Used in Automotive trades, Clothing Manufacture, Canvas and Webbing trades.

Cutex Range of Cold and Hot Velcro, Webbing and Vertical Blind Cutter

Cutex TBC-50 Velcro and Belt Loop Cutter


Velcro and Belt Loop Cold Cutter TBC-50

With button switching, you can cut strip-tapes automatically and neatly.


- Knife : Cold

- Max. width of cutting : 110mm

- Range of cutting length : 1mmˇ­99,999mm

- Cutting speed : 120ˇ­140 pcs/min.

- Power supply : AC110/220V, 50/60Hz

- Machine/N.WT : 850*320*380mm/18.6kg

- Packing/G.WT : 535*430*370mm/21.5kg

- Available materials : Belt loop, VELCRO tape, Shrink tube, Wick, String, Interlining, Plastic zipper, Electric cord etc.

(We have VELCRO tape round cutter, Model TBC-50R)

Special Features

- High speed : It can cut 120ˇ­140 cuts per minutes. (50mm long)

- Accuracy : Cut-length is is accurate owing to using a stepping motor.

- Cutting type : Cutting is neat due to using a cold cutter like scissors. And blades are durable because they are made of high- speed steel (HSS).

- Automatic operation : It works automatically only by setting length, quantity.

- Automatic stopper : It stops automatically if materials run out during operation.

- Memory : Set-length, set-quantity & set-speed are not erased even if power off or on..

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Intelligent Cutting Solutions

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If you have any cutting  or finishing problem just send us a sample and we'll be happy to advise on a solution. We can engineer existing machinery or create new ones.

By sending us samples  we will be able to supply the right machinery set up for your particular job.

We won't send any piece of equipment we don't believe right for a particular job.

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