Multi-head laser cutting machine 12060 12090



Multi-head laser cutting machine is suitable for manufacturing enterprise with large processing quantity and urgent processing period.  With characteristic of high efficiency and low cost. The several laser heads can work simultaneously or alone on demand, and laser power can be also controlled alone. It overcomes the problem that laser heads’ location of traditional machines is not allowed to adjust freely, and combines advantages in single-head cutting on large scales and multi-head cutting on small scales, which enhances the productive flexibility substantially and has wider application scope. Therefore, the problem of unavailable meeting the needs of mass production in enterprises has been solved finally. The blank of this industry has been filled up.


Technical Index:

Processing area :1200*600mm/1200*900mm

Laser power: 60-80W

Cutting speed:0-800mm/s

Engraving Speed:0-1000mm/s

Operating Voltage:AC220V ±10%,50HZ

Location precision:<0.02mm

Operating temperature:0-45

Graphic format supported: BMP, HPGL (PLT), JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, CDR, DWG, DXF.

Machine dimension:1780*1280*880mm

Applicable Materials

  Wood, paper, leather, cloth, Plexiglas, acrylic, resin, woollen, plastic, rubber, ceramics-tile, crystal, rock, bamboo, electronic products etc.


Applicable Industries

Clothing, embroidery, fabricator, furniture, glove, bag, leather engraving/cutting, model making, advertising, decoration, electric products, rubber and  acrylic products, middle density board, non metal sheet precision cutting, electronic precision cutting etc.