Lamp Pump Solid Laser Marker CX-YAG-M50



YAG laser machine is a solid laser machine with infrared light whose wavelength of frequency band is 1.064µm. It uses krypton lamp as energy source (driving source). YAG can send out special wavelength to let effective substance's level of energy jump higher so that it can let off laser. After the energy of laser is strengthened it will form a laser beam to process the material. The path of the laser beam will be changed through the resonance mirror controlled by computer so as to accomplish automatic marking. It has marking high speeds, clear printing, handle conveniently, and can achieve craftwork that some routine ways cannot realise.


Technical Features

1 With high speed scanning resonance mirror to get high precision and high speed.

2、The software controlling system has the interface of WINDOWS and comprises files output by software such as CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP, etc

3、It can support graphic file formats such as PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP etc. and use fonts such as SHX, TTF directly .

4、It also can mark automatic code, sequence number, batch number, date, bar code and two-dimensional code.

5、The max supported colour layer is seven, graphical mirror image, auto-filling in graphics, emendation of colours in a part of graphics.


Applicable Materials

Metal (including rare metal), anodised and coated material, plastic, rubber, resin, ceramic etc…

Applicable Industry

Electrical components, integrated chips, electric appliance, communication equipments, tools, precision machinery, glass frames, clocks and watches accessories, automotive accessories, Fake proof, Marking, plastic buttons, construction material, packaging, PVC pipes and medical instrument processing and manufacturing.


Technical Index:

Laser power: 30-100W: Optional.

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Laser repeat frequency: ≤50KHz

Standard marking area: 100mm×100mm

Choose marking area: 50mm×50mm / 150mm×150mm / 300mm×300mm

Making depth: 0.5mm

Making line speed: 7000mm/s

Min. line width: 0.02mm

Min. character: 0.2mm

Repeat precision: ±0.003mm