CX-300150 Laser Cutting Bed


Equipment Features

◆Advanced machine design and the path of rays design ensure the equipment to be able to stabilize the normal continual work, and the maintenance is simple.

◆Coordinate clothing CAD, it could immediately design and output the sample piece, geminated enhance the speed.

◆Coordinate auto-feeding controlling device, it can keep on continual multi-layer cutting process, carry on the batch production.

◆For the outside patterns after typesetting, it can automatically output the processing continuously at different times.

◆Has the unique superiority to the special materials like seamless underwear lining, ski clothes lining, tent, guard material and so on. Has the characteristic of automatically receives, no beard edge, high precision, fast speed and so on.


Technical Index 

【laser type: imported CO2 RF laser tube

【laser power: 40-100W

【cutting speed: 0-1500mm/s 

【cutting area: 1550mm×3000mm
【Min shaping character: Chinese 1.5×1.5mm/ letter 1×1mm

Supporting file format LAS, PLT, BMP, DXF, DST, AI, etc.

【repeating location precision: ±0.03mm

【controlling software: original CX laser software

【whole power: 1500W

【Whole power: 450Kg
【Dimension: 3360×1610×1280mm

Applicable Material/Industry

Cloth, leather, Acrylic, wood, bamboo, paper piece, woollens, plastic, etc.

Garment, leather, furniture, advertisement & upholstery, packing & printing, cloth toy, paper, modelling, computerized embroidery, such need large-scale sampling, cutting, engraving industries.