CX 1208 Laser Die Cutting Machine


This machine causes the low power laser correlation thick template to cut into the reality, the thorough settlement manual processing low accuracy, the low efficiency difficulty, at the same time also broke through the high efficiency laser to use in the template cutting the equipment cost high barrier, thus sped up this profession technical promotion.


Simply understands the knife seam adjustment technology enable you even more to have one’s wish to the bit choice, cuts the software and AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop can be compatible, the operation edition way is handy, adds the unequalled natural price compared to, decides the thorough settlement existing processing pattern, causes a knife mould processing profession great changes.

Suitable industry:

All kinds of knife of moulds are made, processing industry.



Wooden splint, the plastics, organic material, etc.


Technical index

Type: CXC-1208; CXC-1212, CXC-1218

Laser power: 70w(Double); 100w(Double)

Laser tube: co2 sealed laser tube, cooling water, 10.64um

Cutting speed: 0-3000mm/min

Valid area: 1160*800mm2; 1160*1200mm2; 1160*1800mm2

Max cutting thickness: 20mm/25mm

Knife seam width: 0.3-3mm (optional)

Colour separation: yes

Cutting precision: 0.02

Support form: PLT, EPS, BMP, DXF

Air feed method: Air either nitrogen gas

Power: 220V, 10A

Dimension: 1600*1270*1160mm2;1760*1660*960mm2; 1760*2220*960mm2