CO2 Laser Marker CX- M50



This series of marking system is made up of CO2 laser, high speed scanning lens, CO2 gas is filled in the discharge tube as the medium to produce laser. When high voltage is added to the electrode, it will produce glow discharge in the discharge tube and then the gas molecule will discharge laser. After the energy of laser is strengthened, it will form the laser beams to process the materials. Computer-controlled resonance mirror can change the path of the laser beams so that automatic marking can be accomplished.


Technical Features

1 With high speed scanning resonance mirror to get high precision and high speed.

2 The software controlling system has the interface of WINDOWS and comprises files output by software such as CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP, etc

3 It can support graphic file formats such as PLT,  PCX,  DXF,  BMP etc.

4 Uses fonts such as SHX ,TTF directly and also can mark automatic code, sequence number, batch number, date and bar code.

5 High positioning precision, high speed, high reliability, power conservation function and easy operation


Applicable Materials

It can mark and carve on many kinds of non-metal materials and is widely used in packages, plastic, leather, glass and china, Plexiglas, bamboo, PCB board, packages of foods, electronic component, artwork process and etc.


Applicable Industry

Wood, foodstuffs, package, handicrafts, electronic components, clothes, leather, integrated chips, electric appliance, communication equipments, tools, precision machinery, glass frames, clocks and watches, accessories, automotive accessories, plastic buttons, construction material, packaging, PVC pipes and medical instrument processing and manufacturing.


Technical Index

Standard marking area: 100100mm, 150, 210, 300(optional)
Foci: 275mm, optional

Laser Wavelength: 10640nm
Marking way: Plane

Min. line width: 0.1mm

Min. character: 0.4mm

Marking linear speed: 7000mm/s

Error: 5μm

Response time: 0.8ms

Output power: 50W

Cooling Method: cooling water

Repeat precision: 0.01mm

Marking depth: 10mm