9060D Multi-function laser cutting and engraving machine


32 DSP numeral control card, can realize the off-line working as well as the Ethernet on-line control operation, not only saves the computer resources, moreover promotes the movement performance. Both convenient user operation, and advantageous to the laser focusing precision, the cylinder object revolves clamp, causes the equipment to be suitable the surface to be broader

Adopted with electric lift working table, can easily ensure the laser focus precision, rotary device, widen the appliance, especially for round, irregular shape material.

Import straight-line track and high-speed step motor and driver, carving speed quicker, the precision is higher

This machine integration compact structural design, reliability high, the software function is formidable, is propitious to all non-metallic materials cutting and carving.


Applicable material:

Wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, Acrylic, woollens, plastic, rubber, crystal, rock,

Bamboo, etc, non-metal materials.


Applicable industry:

Cloth, tegument, furniture, packing prints, advertisement ornament, building upholster, paper, wood, craftwork, cyclostyle, photography, electron etc.


Technical index:

【Laser type: hermetic detached CO2 laser tube

【Laser power: 60W~80W

【working area: 900*600mm

【Cutting speed: 0-800mm/s

【Engraving speed: 0~ 1000mm/s

【Repeating location accuracy: 0.01 mm

【Controlling mode: CNC professional controlling units and tiny step subdivides system

【Graphic format support: BMP, HPGL, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, CDR, DWG, DXF, compatible HPG order, support DXF, PLT, BMP and DXT (Tianda embroidery software)...etc.

【Cooling system: water-cooling and protection system

【Voltage: 220 V 10%

【Frequency: 50HZ

【Whole power: 900W

【Auxiliary device: Exhaust fan and absorbing system

【Software: Original CX laser carving and engraving software

【Dimension: 1370*970*1150mm