4030 craftwork laser engraving machine



Adopting lift platform, wide adjustment range, all sorts of thick objects can be processed. Optics, machinery and electricity are integrated, design is beautiful and structure is firm. Auto-immunization is high, controlled by computers. Suitable for all sorts of non-metal engraving and cutting. Gathering computer's device, numerical control and laser technique together.

High accuracy, fast speed, stable function, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. Optional rotary can engrave in columnar side, word storage is large, the type is standard and the drawing is accurate.


Technical Index:

Laser type: CO2 obdurate laser tube

Laser power: 30-50W

Engraving area: 400300mm

Engraving speed: 0-1000mm/s

Cutting speed: 0-800mm/s

Operating humidity: No curdle water

Moveable system: CNC special controlling system, micro subdivides system

Cool mode: compelled water-cooling and protective system

Graphic format support: PLT, AI, DXF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, DWG, PCX.

Operating Voltage 220V 10% 50HZ

Whole power: 900W

Auxiliary device: Fan and air exhaust tube

Platform forward motion and backward motional distance0-160mm.

Power control mode: laser power and movement control together.

Control software: legal CX laser engraving & cutting software.

Dimension: 800x560x1150mm


Applicable Materials:

Cloth, leather, paper, wool, rubber, organic glass, wood, plastic, crystal, jade, ceramic tile, bamboo, Electronic products, stone etc.


Applicable industry:

Suitable for garment, leather, clothing toy, computer embroidery & cutting,

Building decoration, package printing, paper, glasses and clocks etc.