12090L High-speed laser cutting machine



Glass tube laser series engraving cutter is driven by high-grade step motor, sealed CO2 laser tube, durable optical lenses. Software directly controls the speed and laser power via control panel. The CX series laser carving and cutting the machine to have cuts the slit to be small, Incise verge smooth and thermal deformation is minimum. The CX series laser carving and cutting the machine completely uses the photo electricity integration design, can wilfully design the draft through the computer, integrate our special-purpose carving and cut software, and has the special speedup and decelerates the control technology, causes product which carves smoothly, the design writing is more lifelike.


Applicable material:

Rubber, plastic, organic glass, resin, cloth, leather, wool fabric, ceramic tile, crystal, acrylic, jade, boulder, bamboo product, wooden product etc, non-metal materials.

Applicable industry:

This series of machine is suitable for professional user for cutting and engraving performance in garment, leather, cloth toy, computerized embroidery and clipping, cutting of template, art gift, advertisement decoration, building upholster, package, printing, paper product and other industries.


Technical index:

【Laser type: hermetic detached CO2 laser machine

【Laser power: 60W~80W

【working area: 1200*900mm

【Cutting speed: 0-1200mm/s

【Repeating location accuracy: 0.02 mm

【Controlling mode: CNC professional controlling units and tiny step subdivides system

【Graphic format support: BMP, HPGL, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, CDR, DWG, DXF,

Compatible HPG order, support DXF, PLT, BMP and DXT (Tianda embroidery software)...etc.

【Cooling system: water-cooling and protection system

【Voltage: 220 V 10%

【Frequency: 50HZ

【whole power: 900W

【Auxiliary device: Exhaust fan and absorbing system

【Software: Original CX laser carving and engraving software

【Dimension: 1780*1280*880mm